Congratulations Amanda Gomm!!

Photo as seen on Sweet and Loveable

by Ruby Pajares

Last week, I was thrilled to find out Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests, aka LEAF‘s Volunteer Coordinator, Amanda Gomm is now working with Greenpeace Canada.

I was introduced to her during my first year at Patagonia Toronto. I didn’t know much about our urban forest, and up to that point, I honestly don’t think I gave it much thought. At the store, sometimes we invite group representatives to chat with the staff and teach us more about what they do, so we can in turn speak about their work with our customers. Amanda made an incredible representative for LEAF. She was incredibly knowledgeable! Continue reading ‘Congratulations Amanda Gomm!!’

Small Group of Grass Roots Marketers Put Ontario’s Food and Water First

Photo by Jason van Bruggen

by Jason van Bruggen

We love the Hills of the Headwaters in Dufferin County.  It’s where we recreate, where we grow our food and it is a place we hope to share with our children.  For us, it started in early 2011, immediately after The Highland Companies submitted their application for a quarry in Melancthon Township. The term ‘mega’ quarry was indeed warranted. The Highland Companies proposed to turn 2,316 acres of high yield prime farmland into one of the largest open pit excavation sites in North America. In so doing they would drill over 200 feet beneath the water table (deeper than Niagara Falls) and require the re-circulation of 600 million litres of water a day in perpetuity. The source water for five rivers would be disrupted and various fish and bird species would be placed at risk.

My wife, Blaine, and I decided right there that this was something that could not happen on our watch.  Continue reading ‘Small Group of Grass Roots Marketers Put Ontario’s Food and Water First’

Two Wheels of Power

by Trevor Parker

If you’re like me, you scan the news every morning and get slapped in the face with the very same problems again and again: Pollution. Climate change. Obesity. And if you also live in Toronto, a transit system that’s endlessly reeling and begging for cash like a drunken uncle. The bicycle is, of course, the answer to every single one of those problems; I can understand the reluctance to cycle due to distance, weather, or even lack of access to shower facilities at work. What I can never understand is the philosophical resistance.

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Thank Goodness President Obama Won

by Cynthia Foo-Briante


Photo Credit: Josh Lopez

As a Canadian who moved back in 2011 after five years spent working and enrolled in graduate school in New York, I feel personally compelled to pay attention to the U.S. elections. What I didn’t anticipate, however, is how many other Torontonians are just as invested in rooting for “their” candidate in the U.S. elections. From climate change to economic recovery, Canadians’ futures are tied to Americans’–and we would be fools not to pay attention to what’s happening just south of the border.

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Interview with Jeff Orlowski, “Chasing Ice” Director

by Trevor Parker

CHASING ICE is a film not made with you in mind. Chances are if you’re spending time reading Rooted’s blog, you are already aware of the consequences of ignoring climate change—that dangerous precipice over which the globe currently dangles. You probably understand that as a result of man-made carbons flooding the atmosphere at a relentless rate, global weather patterns are changing and becoming more unpredictable, thus costing billions of dollars and thousands of lives. No, CHASING ICE, featuring a uniquely compelling visual yardstick of climate change’s severity, is not intended for you. It’s for your friends, family, and acquaintances who stubbornly cling to backwards theories that would have us believe that global warming is some kind of natural and cyclical geothermic process, that the earth is actually cooling down (this despite a decade of unthinkable record-breaking temperatures), or that the problem is being greatly exaggerated by ivory-tower scientists to support some clandestine profit scheme. Enter famed photographer James Balog.

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My Inspiration Story: Mountain Biking

by Em Parkin

Moving away from a country that celebrates ice hockey, to a country that only celebrates football (soccer) left a void in my life. I had to find something active that could fill that void. A group of colleagues asked if I had a mountain bike – the answer to this question changed my life.

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